C / O and things to know

C / O Concept:

C / O (Certificate of Origin) A certificate of origin issued by a competent authority or a competent representative in the exporting country to certify the origin of the product in accordance with the rules. made in.

Preferential C / O and non-preferential C / O. Enjoy preferential tariff rates (5% -95%) when importing goods into different countries.

Things to know:

Cost for C / O: 50-120 usd / set (Depending on C / O type)
Time to do C / O: About 3-10 business days

Required Documents:

– Application for issuance of Certificate of Origin (Form D) signed by the Director. (original)
– The certificate of origin (form D) promulgated by the Ministry of Trade has been fully filled out and signed by the head of the unit. (original)
– A copy of the Form D.
– Certificate of Origin (Form D) issued by a company dealing in export goods inspection (Certificate of goods origin inspection issued by the company providing services of assessment) (copy Main)
– Liquidated customs declaration (copy)
– Commercial invoice (and packing slip) (copy)
– Bill of Lading (copy)
– Contract (and related contractual accessories) (copy)
– The papers using the copy and the original for comparison.

Common C / O Templates:

1. C / O Form A: Vietnam to the Eu market
2. C / O Form D:
* It is a C / O under the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Agreement.
Only export goods from one ASEAN Member State to another ASEAN Member State (Singapore-Malaysia / Indo / Lao / Cambodia / Brunei / Philippines)
3. C / O Form E: VN to China market
4. C / O Form S: VN to the LAO market
5. C / O Form AK: VN to market KOREA
6. C / O Form B: Vietnam to market other countries
7. C / O Form (ICO): Only for coffee.