Test run VNACCS / VCIS automatic customs clearance system

On 1-11-2013, the VNACCS / VCIS automated clearance system will be commissioned. The General Department of Customs is urgently completing work related to this important event.
Trial operation The VNACCS / VCIS system is a particularly important preparatory step before being put into operation officially. At this stage, the system will be operated as in the real environment to test the entire function, thereby detecting errors in time to fix.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Tung- Director of Information Technology (IT) & amp; Customs statistics cum deputy head of the VNACCS / VCIS Implementation Committee said that in preparation for the test run on 1 November 2013, Vietnamese customs and Japanese experts have been practicing Medium complete many related work. One of the important tasks is the General Department of Customs has completed the contents of the report to submit to the Ministry of Finance to issue Decision 2341 / QD-BTC on the roadmap to implement the use of digital signatures (CKS) in procedures. Electronic customs (EIP) including VNACCS / VCIS.

Accordingly, from 1-11-2013 at the time of VNACCS / VCIS test run, customs declarants use CKS registered with customs authorities to conduct customs procedures. This is very important because during the trial operation VNACCS / VCIS requires the use of CKS. After the Ministry of Finance decided on the roadmap to apply, the General Department of Customs has issued documents instructing the local customs units to upgrade the IT infrastructure and propaganda for businesses.

For companies, it is necessary to actively apply for CKS services for companies providing this service. After the CKS, businesses need to register CKS with Customs through the General Department of Customs (www.customs.gov.vn).

In addition, the Project Implementation Unit has finalized the draft guiding circular VNACCS / VCIS for comments. It is expected that by mid-October, 2013 will hold a conference to collect comments on the draft circular. In parallel with that, the implementation committee also develops a specific plan in the trial run for the local customs units to participate in the implementation.

Another important content is the training of users. The important role and the large number (about 6,000 CBCC and 10,000 import-export enterprises), the training of users is very much appreciated by leaders of General Department of Customs. During the 3 training courses for specialists in the North, Central and South, leaders of the General Department of Customs attended the Opening Ceremony to fully grasp the role and importance of VNACCS / VCIS to officials.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Tung said that through the 3 classes have been implemented, there are 600 cadres who are specialists of local customs departments are trained in detail about this modern Clearance System. After being trained, the team of experts will provide training for CBCC and enterprises in each management unit. However, according to leaders of the project implementation board, due to the volume of enterprises need training in a large number of key units such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Binh Duong, Dong Nai … should Ban Will have to strengthen human resources in training.

According to the Project Implementation Unit, now the units have completed the training plan and from now to the end of October 2013, the whole sector will have to complete this work for the test run. For the effective training, during the working session of the Director General Nguyen Ngoc Tuc and the recent Project Implementation Board, the Board of Directors proposed to continue strengthening and urging Hai units Local officials rushed to perform. The project implementation team in addition to supporting the local customs department is also responsible for monitoring and urging the unit.

For users (besides full and effective participation of training courses organized by the customs office), enterprises need to urgently register on the General Department of Customs. Registration instructions will be incorporated into the training process in detail.

Along with the trial run, the General Department of Customs also organizes the connection of the VNACCS / VCIS test with the existing IT systems of the sector, followed by the connection with relevant ministries. According to the representative of NTT Data Company- VNACCS / VCIS Technical Supply Company, the company has just held a trial connection phase 2 and the results have been very successful.
With the efforts of the whole industry and experts from Japan, soon (1-4 April 2014), Vietnam Customs will officially operate the modern Clearance System, contributing to the realization. The objectives of reform and modernization of Vietnam Customs.