Preliminary situation of Vietnam’s export of goods to some African countries in the first eight months of the year

According to statistics of General Department of Vietnam Customs, our country’s exports to most major African markets in the first eight months of the year have seen positive growth. The six export markets were South Africa, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Angola. Two markets with strong export turnover are Egypt and Senegal.

These 8 markets accounted for 72% of Vietnam’s total exports to 55 African countries.

Major exports to the region are rice, telephones, coffee, pepper, seafood, computers, electronic products and components, transportation and spare parts, machinery Equipment, textiles and footwear.

NamPhi continues to be the No. 1 export market with turnover reaching USD 476.70 million, up 37% over the same period of 2012. Vietnam’s important export items to this market are telephone and components $ 282.68 million, footwear of $ 53.9 million, computers and components $ 17.9 million, textiles $ 12.49 million, $ 12.32 million of rice, machinery and equipment Equipment $ 10.31 million, chemical products $ 9.9 million, pepper $ 9.7 million, coffee $ 7.1 million. With high growth rates, especially for phones and components, the export turnover forecast to South Africa for the whole year can reach over $ 700 million.

Vietnam’s export turnover to Ivory Coast reached 184.54 million USD, up 12%, of which rice accounted for 171.53 million USD (420.994 tons) increased by 10%. By the end of August 2013, Ivory Coast has emerged as Vietnam’s second largest export market in Africa.

Exports to Ghana reached $ 174.26 million, up 17 percent, of which rice accounted for $ 135.59 million (289,155 tonnes), up 33 percent.

Export turnover to Egypt only reached $ 153.87 million, down 31%, of which aquatic products reached 42.49 million, pepper $ 22.28 million, fibers, textile fibers $ 19 million, vehicles Transportation and accessories $ 9.8 million, machinery, equipment, tools $ 8.2 million, coffee $ 4.7 million, textiles $ 4 million. Due to the unstable political situation, especially after the overthrow of President Morsi in early July 2013, the export turnover of all Vietnamese commodities to this market fell sharply. Egypt is only fourth in export turnover in Africa.

Export turnover to Algeria reached 120.37 million USD, up 27% over the same period of 2012, of which coffee accounted for 34.7 million USD, rice 30 million USD.

Exports to Nigeria totaled $ 101.28 million, an increase of 18% over the same period last year, of which computers, electronic products and components reached $ 50.28 million, garments and textiles $ 10.41 million, Transportation and spare parts 6.1 million.

The export turnover to Angola reached 88.82 million USD, up 9%, of which rice accounted for 40.78 million USD, textiles and garments 9.7 million USD.

Exports to Senegal continued to fall sharply, reaching only $ 33.31 million, down 59% from the first eight months of 2012, of which rice accounted for $ 16.54 million (-74%), Transportation and spare parts reached $ 7.8 million.